Mission Statement

To work with Douglas and Sarpy Counties to recruit, educate and inspire underrepresented students’ interest in careers in the health professions as well as encourage health care professionals in providing equitable and quality services to disadvantaged and underserved populations.

About Omaha AHEC

As baby boomers age, their need for health care services increases. At the same time, physicians, nurses and other health care workers will reach retirement age. These trends, combined with other complicating factors, create a severe shortage of health care workers and services.

Within the crises lies the solution to the problem. One of the fastest growing career fields in the nation is health care. This means professional opportunities for the disadvantaged and under-represented populations we serve are abundant and accessible. 

It is for this reason the Omaha AHEC exists- to service our community by building a pipeline of health care professionals who will meet our growing health care needs in the future.

-Dell Gines
Former Executive Director, Omaha AHEC

The Omaha Area Health Education Center (AHEC) was formed as a 501(c)3 in 2005 specifically to address the health care workforce crisis in Nebraska. We are funded in part through the Health Resources & Services Administration, Bureau of Health Professions Federal Grant #2U77HP21499-08-00.